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We don’t just give care. We take care as well.

We provides quality local caregivers in your community for professional, attentive in-home care.

What is a career in care?

A career in care is not just a job, but a vocation. If you are someone who enjoys helping people and wanting to make a difference to people's lives, then this could be a suitable career for you!

Working with Phoenix you will be joining our team and providing care and support to elderly people who live in their own homes. The support needed is different for each and every individual we care for, they may need just a small amount of support for example, helping with shopping or a friendly face to offer companionship to much greater care needs.

Becoming a caregiver is very different from working a 9-5 schedule, it offers the opportunity to provide your own flexibility and schedule, although you are given 5.6 weeks as holidays, if you need a particular day off, you do not need to take this off as holiday and can simply swap it for another day. Being a caregiver can increase your sense of wellbeing from doing a worthwhile job that benefits others and society as a whole. 

For many of our carers, they have small children, they are able to let us know their availability, which we are able to work around to offer work part time, for example this may be working one or two evenings per week, as they get older you could add in additional daytime hours and by the time you are able to work more hours you have already progressed in your career as a home care team leader.

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