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Virtual dementia bus comes to Phoenix

Virtual dementia bus comes to Phoenix

Garrett Williams

FEB. 21, 2020

Phoenix Homecare and Support were proud to host the Dementia bus at our Head office! We were able to give our carers, the families of the service users we look after and the public a better understanding of the condition and a better guide to help care for a dementia patient

Many of our carers took part and had the chance to experience some of the painful and confusing effects of dementia. This helped us to understand the fear and confusion behind some behaviour that we experience in care. The Virtual Dementia Tour is taken by over 200,000 people per year in the UK and is the benchmark training that other providers strive to achieve. Already commissioned by over 18 NHS Trusts, 4 HSE Trusts, Care homes, Nursing Homes, Police, Prisons, Ambulance, Universities and Colleges, Councils, CCGs, CQC, Electric and Water Companies, Families and many more, the Virtual Dementia Tour has an impact that just cannot be matched or replicated. Looking from the persons point of view and not basing practice on convenience really does save money, retain staff, build bridges between the family and care giver and increase positive outcomes. Therefore, if you are looking for the highest quality dementia training that really does change lives for all, then the Virtual Dementia Tour is a must for everyone.

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