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How to ensure your loved one’s independence at home

Help your loved one to build the space and routine that promote their freedom


A vital part of retaining your loved one’s health and happiness is helping them retain a sense of independence in the home. They might need care, but giving them control over their own lives will help them look forward to a happy future. 

There are some simple ways to promote independence. The key to this lies in preparation. With a bit of planning, you can help your loved one build a space and routine that promote freedom. 

This process should begin in the home, where it’s important to create a safe environment that allows your loved one to be alone in comfort for long periods of time. Preparing the home should be done with the intention of minimising any accidents, such as falls, as well as making everyday activities, such as toilet visits, washing and cooking as simple to do as possible. 

Some straightforward changes you can make include installing rails in the home, to provide support when moving around, adding lighting to dark areas of the house and removing any hazards or furniture that might make it difficult for your loved one to navigate around the home if they suffer from limited mobility. In some cases, installing stair lifts or moving your loved one’s bedroom and bathroom to the ground floor can help keep them safe when home on their own. 

Another way that you can promote your loved one’s independence is via technology. Tablets and smartphones are a great way to keep your loved one entertained and connected. But often, the elderly don’t find these devices easy to use, so other devices might be more appropriate. 

Consider using alert systems, such as jewellery or watch alarms to monitor your loved one’s movement around the home. These pieces of technology are there to give you peace of mind, alerting you or a carer when your loved one is in need of assistance. Another simple to use and dependable piece of technology that can give both you and your loved one reassurance and support is Birdie Premium, which uses the latest technology to monitor your loved one’s activity and movement in the home. You can find more about this unique offering here

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