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How to keep your loved one mentally stimulated

Learn how to keep your loved one mentally stimulated so they can stay mentally healthy for as long as possible


Making sure that your loved one remains mentally active is as important as keeping them physically active. Mental deterioration is not an inevitable part of ageing, and mental stimulation can keep diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s at bay. 

Two fundamentals can keep your loved one mentally healthy. Firstly, physical exercise is a key part of staying mentally strong, with studies showing how exercise can fight Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Secondly, diet is important for maintaining mental strength. A balanced diet, low in saturated fats and high in vitamins and minerals, fuels a healthy body and mind. 

Another vitally important part of helping your loved one to stay mentally healthy is to offer them constant mental stimulation. This can have many rewards, such as improved sleep, mood and memory, which all add up to a much more enjoyable life. 

Mental stimulation takes many forms. Staying socially active is vital, as conversation and company is excellent mental exercise. If they are able, taking part in group activities, such as group hobbies or holidays with tour groups, can also be a great way for your loved one to keep their mind fresh. 

But mental stimulation can also be done alone. Reading, writing, listening to the radio and music, as well as completing puzzles and games can keep your loved one’s brain active. The possibilities here are large and the benefits significant. 

Your role is also vital in maintaining your loved one’s mental health. Being there to talk to them, to play games with, to have fun and laugh together is a significant part of the solution, too. 

With love and care,

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