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The importance of monitoring your loved one’s toilet visits

Monitoring your loved one's toilet visits can give you good insights in their everyday health.


Putting into place practices and systems to help your loved ones with the most sensitive areas of care can be difficult. So too can broaching this issue in the first place. But it’s really important, as a failure to do so can be damaging to your loved one’s health. 

As a caregiver, monitoring your loved one’s toilet habits is essential. Regular toilet visits are vital for everyday health, with the bladder and bowels being susceptible to minor conditions that could, if not treated, turn into something more serious. 

To monitor your loved one’s toilet activities, you can simply ask them if they have experienced any changes or problems with their routine, or you can note down how often they go to the toilet. The key here is to make sure that visits are regular.  

If your loved one is suffering from a break or change to their regular pattern, seek medical guidance. A change to regular bladder or bowel movements can be a first indication of more severe health problems. These can begin with something minor, such as dehydration, but can soon develop into more serious conditions. The important point to note here is that if you do notice a change, seek medical advice. 

We know this is can be a delicate subject to discuss with your loved one. So we’re here to help you deal with it in a sensitive manner contact us via call or email for further guidance

Remember, too, that the issues facing your loved one are not uncommon, and with careful consideration and swift action when problems arise, they should be easily fixed. 

With love and care,

Phoenix Homecare and Support

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