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Case Study: Jenine's Story

Jenine started with Phoenix Homecare and Support in 2016, working in our North Shropshire branch. Jenine is currently the team leader in North Shropshire.


Since leaving school I decided I want to be a nursery nurse and I started my career in childcare and did this for 9 years.

I then had my daughter and I decided that I wanted to better myself and have a different style of career, to make a difference to people's lives and make my daughter proud of me. I started my new adventure with a care company in Shrewsbury. I then went to two other companies and for various reasons I wasn't happy with the companies I was with. I was so lucky to be given an interview with Phoenix Homecare and Support and was offered the job straight away.

I can honestly say, working with such a fantastic company has changed my life. I've never woke up and thought I really don't want to go to work since starting with the company and I've been here ever since (4 years).

"I smile every day at work, yes sometimes it's hard emotionally when your caring for vulnerable people, but I smile because I work with such a fantastic team of carers with the best support possible from our manager and directors."

We are all extremely passionate about what we do and who we do it for and that's because each and everyone of us cares from our hearts. I myself am very passionate about providing the best care possible and will always offer help and support to anyone who is struggling especially new staff. I always make sure they know I'm only a call always for help or advice on anything as when you build a good team you need that support. I may not always have the answers but I will always find them. Everything is a highlight about working within the Phoenix team. I have said it many times and I will continue to say it

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