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Tips for preventing loneliness

Learn the steps to prevent loneliness as soon as as you see signs emerging


It’s important that you take steps to prevent loneliness as soon as you see any signs that your loved one might be suffering from it. Loneliness can lead to more serious health implications, such as depression, alcoholism and even malnutrition, so by preventing it, you’ll keep your loved one physically and mentally healthy. 

A few simple lifestyle changes can make all the difference to your loved one’s state of mind, making them feel connected and cared for. Aside from keeping in regular contact with them yourself, connect your loved one to family and friends via the phone and through letter writing. Trying to make sure that a wide variety of people are constantly in contact with your loved one is a very effective way of keeping loneliness at bay. 

Modern technology can offer a solution, providing your loved one with videos, emails and messages, too, although these devices are not for everybody, and it might be easier to arrange communication via methods that your loved one is more familiar with. However you manage to arrange it, regular contact will make your loved one feel special and loved at all times. 

Depending on your loved one’s situation, it’s worth considering getting them a pet who can act as a companion at all times of day. It’s also worth investigating, if they are able and well enough, what activities and groups are happening in the local community, so your loved one can get involved if they wish. Physical and mental health go hand in hand, so finding out that your loved one would like to be more active and be more involved with other people might mean signing them up for activities at local community centres. If they can’t leave the home, there are many excellent volunteer organisations who will be able to regularly visit and provide comfort and company for your loved one.

Your role is vital in maintaining your loved one’s mental health. But we know you can’t be there all day, every day. So be sure to make arrangements that will help them prevent loneliness.

With love and care,

Phoenix Homecare and Support

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